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Murray Watts has written many books, but he is best known for the novel of The Miracle Maker and the award-winning children’s book, the Lion Bible for Children which has sold over a million copies and has been translated into 25 languages.

He is currently putting the finishing touches to three children’s books, all of which are nearly ready for publication, and a book of modern parables and stories which will be published by SPCK in July 2019.


The Miracle Maker is a captivating novel based on the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Jairus' daughter, Tamar. The beautiful and enchanting narrative breathes new insights into the Gospel stories and Tamar's retelling of the biblical account, with all the innocence and clarity of a child's perspective, makes the stories seem at once familiar and totally fresh.






Murray Watts is one of the UK's foremost retellers of the Bible. He combines expert Bible knowledge with skilful storytelling to create a compelling text that speaks to children of today. This comprehensive, faithful yet imaginative retelling of the Bible reflects the variety of the original writings (e.g. reportage, poetry, history, letters) making a very readable collection - now a classic on the Lion Children's list.


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